Clear-Text Messages

Alice Alice holds a shard and thinks the message: “Hello, Bob.”
Bob Bob, holding a shard, sees the message: “Hello, Bob.”
Chuck Chuck, an eavesdropper, holds a shard and sees the message: “Hello, Bob.”

Alice, Bob, and Chuck are part of the same shardnet. If Alice holds her shard, closes her eyes, and thinks “Hello Bob,” that message will echo throughout the shardnet in clear-text (that is, language that is perfectly legible to anyone and everyone). This means that anyone with one of the shards will be able to intercept the message. Though Alice intended her message to be received by Bob, Chuck was also able to receive the message. That might be OK if the message is “Hello Bob.” However, if the message is “Watch out, Chuck is working for the enemy,” this might be problematic.

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